What I think about Dota 2 game

Dota 2 game review

Just dedicate a few hundreds of hours to learn this game and you’ll attain necessary skills to compete with other players. Even if you may not be the greatest player ever, you need at least competent and effort to contribute effectively into your team. Although the enthusiastic youths hopped up on Mountain Dew and Pubertal range may have faster reaction and compete better, you will get by. Dota 2 is a brutal game. You may have many hours of experience and still beaten by even the novice and let down your team. However, if you get in to it, which most might not, it might become worst than heroin addiction and may become almost impossible to abandon it again.dota 2

Although it had not been officially till recently, Dota 2 had been available in market for about five years as an invitation-only beta where the beta keys were randomly assign to existing players. This enabled the dota 2 to grow faster gamers sells the keys at inflated prices or give to friends. Even with little availability and slow learning process, this game has become very popular among most online gamers. It is the most popular game on the steam boasting many players as compare to other title on valve’s DRM and other distribution platform. It currently attracts over 300,000 regular players.

When you first start playing the game, you may jump without knowing what exactly is going on, but immediately you will find some friendly players who are willing to explain to you the basics of the game. You also need to pick wind-runners as your first hero, which seems to be the best for new players. Few the first few weeks, you will not be sure if you like the game. But at some level, you will enjoy the game to even stick with it for months.

Sometimes you may have bad experience from the beginning where you are matched against less welcoming players or abusive players. Such experience may turn you back and you may not want to ever play it again. However, it is good to know that there is a system for reporting abusive players. Such players are normally punished to encourage a friendlier playing environment.

It is not only interesting to play Dota 2 but also enjoyable to watch it. The game has interesting professional sport scene with Valve-sponsored tournament taking place every august. To learn how to play this game, obtain online tutorials on the website. The best website are those that most popular among players and widely used.